Air Fryer French Fries

Air Fryer French Fries – THM E This post may contain affiliate links. Read my discloser here. When I was a little girl my grandmother made the best homemade French fries. It was completely legit – she had a deep fryer and everything! They were perfectly salty and had the best texture. As an adult IContinue reading “Air Fryer French Fries”

Sourdough Bread – Gluten Free

This page may contain affiliate links. Read my discloser here. It is finally ready for you! A gluten free sourdough that aligns with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan as an E fuel (I’ll list the nutritional facts at the end). I am so excited to share this recipe with you! If you like this recipeContinue reading “Sourdough Bread – Gluten Free”

Sourdough Starter Gluten Free

This post may contain affiliate links. Tasty bread doesn’t have to have gluten in it! I have started making a gluten free sourdough and it even has my gluten-eating husband’s stamp of approval as a sandwich bread! That was a win for me and now I want to share the technique with you! If youContinue reading “Sourdough Starter Gluten Free”